About Us

Dr.Rajiniganth, an Otolaryngologist who has experience over 20 years, is very passionate in his profession craves to provide the best ever treatment for his patients. He is a very down to earth person who treats his patients with love and care.

Harshini Hospitals, proudly serving people with Full ENT Service & Care. Our committed and well trained physicians and staff are dedicated in providing highest quality care with empathy and concern to our patients. We are the pioneer of Endoscopic Orbital Surgery, wherein we could eliminate needlessness of blindness.We anticipate all kinds of treatments in respect of ear, nose and throat. Be it ear discharge, surgery, sinus issues, surgery for deafness, disorders in larynx, etc.,

Harshini Hospitals, renders almost all kinds of solutions for ENT. We are particularly specialized in providing the best ever service in solution for Hearing Aids. We also have Audiologists who are specialized in their department and assist with the diagnosis and treatment for our patients. We also render services for Balanced Related Disorders, which are now common among aged people.

  Equally, we render services for functional diseases which affect the senses and activities of hearing, speaking, eating, swallowing, drinking and breathing. Yeah! As everybody knows that now-a-days Sleep Disorders are peeping out as the biggest issue not only in aged people but also in youngsters, due to their lifestyle changes, of course we provide the best treatment for sleep disorders along with the psychological assistance.

  Finally, yet importantly, we come up with the supreme Endoscopic Surgery, as we have served more than thousands and thousands of patients with all optimistic results.


From Comprehensive and Dedicated ENT Health Care to Health.


To Provide the ABCD ENT Services.

  • Affordable
  • Best
  • Comprehensive
  • Dedicated